We, Friends and Family of Timothy Yates Heggen, commit to continue Tim’s dream to live a life of compassion and love by funding programs that help children in the developing areas of the world.

Timothy Yates Heggen died of pancreatic cancer at eighteen years old. Although young, Tim had a view and understanding of the world that was beyond his years. Tim believed that happiness is a product of compassion, and in order to be happy people and society must promote compassion through encouraging love, patience, tolerance, and humility. When diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Tim’s view of the world did not change, and as he courageous battled against the disease, he practiced compassion daily.

When Tim’s battle ended, his family and friends decided to continue his practice of promoting compassion at the local, national and global area. They created this nonprofit corporation organized to help others facing the same debilitating disease as well as help children facing great life adversities. TYH fundraising efforts support Johns Hopkins Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center, Save the Rain efforts in Tanzania, and other local children organizations. 


Sunday, August 29th, 2021 Otter Creek Golf  Course

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History and Impact of TYH Foundation



During 2019 TYH raised $10,000 and donated to Johns Hopkins Pancreatic Research Center, Helping Hands International, DMPS Oak Park Elementary back pack buddies and Save the Rain/ Rotary International.  TYH secured a 5.8 times match from Rotary International. This grant is feeding 110,000 Tanzanian children a midday meal and also piloting alternative crops to fight the  extreme drought.