Impact of TYH Foundation Efforts


TYH Foundation Activities Impact


Take Yours Home Buddy Pack Program Partnership with DMPS Oak Park School:  The TYH Foundation continued to partner with Oak Park Elementary  (DMPS). 100% of students at Oak Park are eligible to receive free lunches. The TYH Buddy Pack program is designed to help students who battle hunger and adversity when not at school..   $50/ month helps provide weekend food for an Oak Park student.  Vessel Golf donates all backpacks.  During the 2021-2021, TYH donated $5500 to feed 20 students on the weekends.

Pancreatic Cancer Research:   TYH raised over $20,000 for Johns Hopkins’ Sol Goldman Pancreatic Research Center, whose efforts focus on early detection and DNA related issues. TYH donates annually to Johns Hopkins Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center and continues to advocate for pancreatic cancer early detection.

Sukup Safe T Homes to Haiti Project Partnership with Go Serv Global: TYH has begun a new partnership with Go Serv Global and Sukup.  TYH is dedicated to building Sukup Safe T Homes in Haiti. Sukup designed and produces homes and storm shelters to protect families against earthquakes and hurricanes. At the 6th TYH Golf Classic TYH raised $22,500 and a $22,500 private match. TYH donated $45,000 to GoServe Global. Six more Sukup Safe T homes were built in Haiti at the end of 2022 .

“No More Thirsty Grant” Partnership Save the Rain, Rotary International, Ankeny Rotary: The TYH Foundation’s continues its commitment to helping Tanzanian children and families access clean water and food.  In 2021, Ankeny Rotary selected TYH as its International Cause for its Casino Night and donated $5300 to TYH for the Save The Rain “No More Thirsty” grant.  TYH’s donation was multiplied by a 5 times Rotary International match. It is helping to provide five Tanzanian villages with 50,000 liters of rainwater catchment and storage capacity for drinking and cooking. Each village will receive 30 residential rainwater catchment, and permaculture gardens.

TYH Local Impact


TYH is excited to partner with Oak Park Elementary in Des Moines, Iowa. 100% of students at Oak Park are eligible for the free lunch program. During 2020-2021 school year, TYH provided weekend bags of kid-friendly food to 20 children. The need has only increased with the covid epidemic. 

TYH’s 2021-2022 goal is to provide 25 students weekend backpacks of food. It costs $40 a month to provide one student with this additional nutritional support. The 5th Annual TYH Golf Classic fundraiser supports this project.

TYH continues to seek other partners to help provide more students with weekend food. TYH and Oak Park staff members thanks the Ankeny Rotary for their donation of $1000 for this year’s Backpack Buddy Program. 

TYH offers a special thanks to VESSEL Golf for their generous donation of VESSEL student back packs for this program and also to share with Edmunds Elementary. Kids love these incredible backpacks.



TYH Global Impact


TYH has partnered for 11 years with Save the Rain and Rotary International to provide 4 Tanzanian communities with a sustainable water source.  Raising over $29,500, the TYH Foundation has helped build  rain collection systems at 4 primary schools,  home collection systems and planted 500 Morenga trees.  In 2019, $5000 was donated by TYH to Save the Rain efforts with an exciting Rotary International Grant. The grant will provide children with clean water for life, secure mid-day meals, and pilot replacement crops to corn to free communities from hunger and inevitable poverty. Rotary International matched our $5000 donation  5.8 times to fund the Food, Farming and Forestation Grant of $105,000. 90,000 children will receive a midday meal, 10 schools will have a rain system built and alternative crop and gardens to sustain a future food supply.

TYH National Impact


With a 2019 donation of $2000, TYH has raised over $20,000 for Johns Hopkins’ Sol Goldman Pancreatic Research Center, whose efforts focus on early detection and DNA related issues. TYH story was showcased by Dr. Adam Duerfelt at the 100th Anniversary of the American Cancer Association. During 2019. 


Heart to Heart International has medical teams in the Bahamas, responding to victims of Hurricane Dorian and continue their work in Puerto Rico. In 2019 TYH continues to support HHI Humanitarian efforts with a donation of $3000 bringing our total contribution to $6500.