Our Vision for TYH

The core purpose of the TYH Humanitarian Foundation is to continue Tim’s legacy of caring and compassion for others. The Foundation partners with various research entities, humanitarian organizations and civic groups whose own mission reflect the concept of “Team Humanity.” We know we are all part of a bigger world and must work together to make it better.

Tim’s character is best defined in an English paper he wrote sophomore year entitled, Ismless. “I believe that happiness rests on the compassion that all individuals can develop. While restraining factors that inhibit compassion, it is more important to cultivate those that are conducive to it. Love, patience, tolerance and humility are all virtues that nurture compassion.”

Even during his courageous battle with cancer, Tim lived those virtues. Today those “tisms” continue to inspire his friends and family to keep paying his dream forward. We invite You to be part of our TYH efforts.

We are governed by a dedicated board of directors that are representative of the foundation’s values and have strong ties to the impact of the program. 

TYH Humanitarian Foundation Executive Board

Dain McClurg  –  President
Jackie Bibby  –  Vice President
Jenna Lanning  –  Secretary
Allise Feldman  –  Marketing Coordinator
Ashik Beirman  –  Volunteer Coordinator
Carin Murphy  –  Website Administrator
Jan Kuhl
Matt Heggen
Dr. Shannon Hood
Christina Ryan

The Foundation is a new nonprofit entity organized and established in 2015. Articles of Incorporation under the Iowa nonprofit corporation statute were filed on September 30, 2015.

The concept of the Foundation was developed through the efforts of Tim’s family and friends, a diverse representative group of central Iowa residents. The Foundation’s headquarters are in Ankeny, Iowa.
Foundation Bylaws available here