Save the Rain

Through Save the Rain’s W.A.D.A. program, the Timothy Yates Heggen Humanitarian Foundation (TYH) will be participating in activities to nurture advocacy about the global water crisis and to raise funds to build a community wide rainwater harvesting system in the village of Miembeni, Tanzania, Africa.

The water crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns. More children die from water related illness than from Malaria and HIV combined. Governments have been trying for decades but don’t seem able to implement sustainable solutions. If they are failing at solving this giant crisis, how is it that we students, can make a difference? The answer is so easy: We are simply going to walk for the Rain.

Participants will WALK FOR WATER to show their dedication to the cause by completing a certain amount of sponsored laps around the school track or gym. Each sponsored lap costs $ 15 – what it takes to provide a deprived child with clean water for their entire life and the life of their future off spring. This means 1 lap = 1 life. Participants collect sponsorships from parents, friends and businesses. The more laps sponsored, the more lives saved. Sponsors receive a rain drop certificate of appreciation and a receipt from Save the Rain. The philosophy behind this campaign in “ if we all do a little, together we could accomplish a lot.” So our participants will spend one morning walking for water so that African children never have to walk for it again.

Here’s a little info about Save the Rain:

Every 15 seconds, a child dies from lack of clean water. Save the Rain is a nonprofit organization committed to ending the water crisis through rain water harvesting. We achieve our goal by teaching people living in water deprived areas to catch and use the rain as a sustainable water supply. Over the last 5 years, through your support, we have helped over 175,000 people get access to clean water.

All checks should be made out to the Timothy Yates Heggen Humanitarian Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and will provide tax deductible donation receipts for your participation. For more information about these organizations, please visit the websites below.